It's time to get serious with your lawn and garden. But is your old water hose a drag? are looking for the miracle hose?

the magna hose is a flat hose and it's supposed to be kink free and easy to store. It costs around 20 dollars and you can buy it at places like bed bath and beyond. But does it really work, rhanda stewart puts the magna hose to the test in our special report, help me rhanda.

Jeff fisher is ready to spring into his yard work......his water hose however, isn't ready.

"all right this has been in here all winter long."

the hose is all kinked up.....

"it's kind of a pain."

this is what jeff goes through every time he waters his flowers. The hose is tough to hook up......and it's like a puzzle to unwind.

"already we know it's kinked up over here."

the only thing jeff really likes about this hose...is the pressure......but that's not always good either.

"see it's kinked up we know we don't have any pressure so we'll have to pull out all the and get all the kinks out."

and the biggest pain of all....is putting it away.

"this is the fun part where you have to pull it back through where it got hooked together."

can the magna hose help jeff out...it's supposed be easy to store and easy to wind....and the best part of it all...it's supposed to be kink free.

"no kinks no tangles, kinda like my hair, no kinks no tangles."

after reading through the instructions jeff is ready to give the magna hose a try

"good connection "

the water doesn't come out so great a first. But jeff discovers the different settings.

"there's the jet shower."

"we can just walk out with this, follows along and then spray and it seems to be working pretty good."

"here's the cone, here's the soaker."

but the pressure doesn't seem so strong

"the hose doesn't carry as much water through it, where the other i could stand here and shower that, the other i have to get closer."

the pressure may be weak....but is it easy to store.

"it's winding well, the way this little hose on side hangs, it's annoying , not too bad."

it make look nice when it's put away. ..but overall, jeff isn't impressed.

"the water pressure isn't strong. It rolled up okay and it stores alot better, but it wasn't as good as what i thought it would be. I wouldn't take it back for costing 20 bucks, but it's not god's gift to gardeners."