Facebook shares: should you buy?

While company executives meet with investors, you may be wondering if you should pony up for some Facebook shares.

Tech investor Kevin Spain of Emergence Capital Partners said we're fascinated with Facebook stock because we're fascinated with Facebook.

"We, as investors, are consumers," said Spain.

"We understand this technology and in many cases, we're using it every day ourselves."

C-Net's Paul Sloan said it's a risky investment because as a social media company, it's so new.

"Wall Street is often out of sync with Silicon Valley," said Sloan.

"Facebook has created something so massive, Wall Street just doesn't know what to do with it."

Kevin Spain said go ahead and buy, but only if you're willing to stay the course through ups and downs in the stock price.

"I think if you're a long-term investor, it's perfectly reasonable to think about being in the IPO," said Spain.

"Otherwise, you'll have to take your chances."

The official date for the Facebook IPO has not been set, but it could be as early as Friday.

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