Evansville teachers already preparing for paperless classrooms

EVSC has begun training some select teachers to better use technology in their classrooms.

The corporation is putting to use a $100,000 classroom innovation grant it received in March. On Friday, 30 teachers met for the first time to begin their training.  

The classroom of the future is already a reality: blackboards have replaced by interactive boards and all kids in grades 6 through 12 have netbooks.

7th grade teacher Cathy Voelker says "it's much more engaging... We don't' have a dreary 'head-down' type of thing going on."

She has only been using netbooks in her class for the past year, and already she says her classroom is almost paperless. "The kids have been writing a novel this year," she says, "which I would not have been able to do with paper and pencil in the past."

While Voelker has seen the potential in technology, she says only about 20 percent of the other teachers in her school use it like she does. That's why the EVSC is using most of the 100 thousand dollar grant to educating the teachers who have been selected to take students into the future.

the EVSC is using the money to work towards a day in the near future, in which its entire curriculum is paperless.

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