Trampoline recall: 92,000 sold at Walmart

A massive recall of trampolines, maybe even the one in your backyard.

The trampolines being recalled are surrounded with a protective netting that's supposed to keep kids safe, but Thursday, the company says that netting can fail and some children are falling out and getting seriously injured.

When it came to choosing her son's 'big' gift, Monica Lambert set out to buy the safest trampoline she could find.

"It had the safety net and that's really what I wanted. I want something safe and secure and is not going to break if he hits it the wrong way," Monica told 14 News. 

Months later, the 14-foot Sportspower Bounce Pro Trampoline she was told would be safe, has been recalled.

In it's report to the Consumer Products and Safety Commission, the company said it's received 17 reports of the nets breaking, leading to 11 injuries to children, many of them severe, news that's not leaving parents bouncing for joy.

"He's learned how to do somersaults you know, if he hits the net and something's wrong with it, he could fall out and break his neck or break a leg, break an arm you know," Monica said. 

The trampolines cost about $275, and were sold at Wal-Mart stores nationwide from February 2009 through February of this year.

"I'm really glad that they let the parents know, you know. What would happen if he got out and fell off of it and they never said anything," Monica said. 

Monica says she plans on following up on the recall.

Sportspower limited says consumers should stop using the trampolines and contact them for replacement netting.

For additional information, contact Sportspower's customer service hotline toll-free at (888)-965-0565 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. ET Monday through Friday, or visit the firm's website at, or send an e-mail to Sportspower at

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