Rainfall: what a difference a year makes

You may remember last spring when we couldn't get the rain to stop, but 2012 has proven to be a different story.  Here are the official rain totals for February through early May of both 2011 and 2012:

February 2011, 4.52" / February 2012, 1.75"

March 2011, 5.34" / March 2012, 2.51"

April 2011, 11.77" / April 2012, 1.44"

May 2011(through the 8th), 5.06" / May 2012(through the 8th), 1.93"

As you can see, each month last year had a big surplus of rain over this year, particularly April where there is an over 10" difference from year to year.

So far this month, we're actually tracking above normal for rainfall, but much of the rain has been spotty with some communities getting far more than others.

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