Authorities reveal Chambers was strangled to death

For the first time, Henderson Police are releasing the cause of Brystal Chambers' death.

They say Chambers died by strangulation and that the evidence collected during their nine month investigation points to 43-year-old Demetrius Compton, who still to this day has never been questioned by Henderson Police.

When Henderson Police Lieutenant Chip Stauffer was asked if the department had ever attempted to talk to Compton, he said, "No."

"I would say that most people would, yes. Yes. He was a person of interest along with others," Stauffer said when asked if Compton was ever a person of interest.

Stauffer says bringing in Compton for questioning early in the investigation would have been risky.

U.S. Marshalls in Florida arrested Compton on Friday but still to this day, Stauffer says Compton has never been questioned by anyone in his department into the death of Brystal Chambers.

"Because a lot of times, you need to make sure that you have all the information before you bring somebody in for questioning," Stauffer said when asked why Compton wasn't questioned earlier in the investigation.

For more than eight months, detectives worked leads and analyzed evidence in the case after Chambers was found dead inside her Henderson home last June.

Stauffer says during that time Compton made his way to Florida, leaving behind the son he fathered with Chambers and the home the two shared.

"We were aware of him but we didn't want to speak with him initially until we had all the information," said Stauffer. "Unfortunately, it took us eight months to get the information that we needed to get clarified and collected to bring a criminal charge of murder against him."

Stauffer says two detectives will travel to Florida this week to continue their investigation now that Compton is in custody.

They will then work out the details of getting Compton back to Kentucky to be formally charged with murder.

Compton was on a violent offender list from a 14 News investigation in 2007.

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