Organization Gives Gift of Sound to Children

New Media Producer: Brad Maglinger

Noisy traffic is one sound we often try to shut out, but imagine hearing it for the first time.

Evansville specialist Bruce Campagna recently went to Morelia, Mexico to fit children with brand new hearing aids. Lions Club members in Mexico locate children with profound hearing loss often caused by medication, infection or injury.

"They will come in and actually bus them in from three, four, five hours away just to come in for this fitting," says Campagna. "Many of the folks will wait all day long. In this trip alone, we did 575 hearing instruments in four days."

Instruments purchased with money the Starkey Hearing Foundation gets from recycling old hearing aids. The company gives away 20,000 a year all over the world.

But the program can only continue with your donations. You can drop a used hearing aid into one of the drop boxes at any Evansville Goodwill store. The program hopes to expand to other cities and towns in the Tri-state soon.

Many of these children have been waiting an ear fit for their entire lives, along with their parents, who can't hold back their gratitude. Helping these children hear is something Bruce Campagna can't wait to see again on his next trip.

The Starkey Hearing Foundation provides some 35,000 hearing aids here at home too, as hearing loss affects one in ten people in the US.

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