Aztar formally announces its $5 million plan

Casino Aztar is now formally announcing their full renovation of the Casino Aztar Hotel with plans to make approximately $5 million in improvements.

This will be the first renovation for the hotel since it was built 15 years ago. 

Earlier this month managers told 14 News, they plan will make it look like a brand new hotel downtown.
From the outside to the inside, guests will see a lot of changes.

"Full renovation, interior and exterior. There won't be a spot untouched in this renovation," said Casino Aztar GM Ward Shaw.

All 251 guest rooms will be dramatically transformed with new wall coverings, carpet, furniture, bedding, and televisions, along with renovated bathrooms. 

This is the largest single capital investment Casino Aztar has made in the property since The District at Casino Aztar was built in 2006, and the largest ever by the new Tropicana Entertainment, Inc. ownership group.

"Won't be to the modern level of our Le Merigot hotel, but more of a grand traditional style hotel on the Aztar level that so many of our customers have like over the years, it will be just a much better experience for them," Shaw said.

"It will really change the way our customers see us when they come in," Shaw noted.

The exterior of the hotel will be repainted. Sections of the hotel will be closed as improvements are made.

This is the largest capital investment Aztar has made in the property since the district was built back in 2006.

 Customers give the thumbs up.

"The carpets are looking a little ragged and if you drop a quarter, you might just leave it, so  it wouldn't hurt to vamp it up a bit," said hotel guest Darin Stalcup.

These improvements will likely help the casino hotel compete with the proposed downtown hotel, although managers say the reason behind the renovations was simply because the hotel is outdated.  

Changes are also coming to the Casino. Managers say they just opened a second skybridge, and installed new carpet and an air system on the gaming floors. They are currently renovating the restrooms. Starting in May, the casino will serve Starbucks Coffee. This year the casino plans to install 2 million dollars worth of slot machines. Managers say the conference rooms will be renovated next year.  

There are currently 70 jobs openings in the Casino Aztar company and managers believe these improvements will mean even more workers will be needed.

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