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UPDATE: 14 News speaks to the family of Brystal Chambers

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The family of Brystal Chambers speaks out after an arrest made in her suspicious death.

A US Marshals Task Force arrested 43-year-old Demetrius Compton in Florida. Compton is now facing murder charges.

Chambers was found dead in her Henderson home last June.

They say it's been rough, not only losing a daughter and sibling, but also living almost a year with no answers, telling us news of the arrest brings some closure, but it can't bring Brystal back.

"It's crazy, honestly," said Brystal's brother Bryan Chambers.

"it's been a long ten months, to tell the truth," confessed Brystal's sister Brianna Goines.

Ten months after her death, Brystal Chambers's 12th street Henderson home is no longer marked with yellow tape, her family no longer left in the dark.

"We just left it in their hands, hoping that they would, I mean, close the case so we'd know what finally happened," Brianna said.

Henderson Police say an investigation revealed Chambers and Compton shared a home and had a child together, three-year-old Ty'yell, whose 'mommy' is anything but forgotten.

"We talk about his momma every day," said Brystal's stepmother Cora Chambers.

Brystal's family tells us the news of Compton's arrest Friday does bring some closure, but can't mend their hearts.

"You have some closure, but there's still long days ahead of us," Brianna told 14 News.

"I feel a little bit better. It's going to be some closure, but not a whole lot," Cora said.

"Once you're gone, you're gone, so we just have to cherish the moments while we're here with one another," said Brianna.

Compton was on a violent offender list from a 14 News investigation in 2007.

Henderson police say, with the help of the US Marshal Service Friday, Compton was located in Jacksonville, Florida.

Police tell us Compton will be brought back to Kentucky to face that murder charge.

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