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Hundreds of Chandler residents still without water

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In Chandler, many customers are boiling mad over their water being shut off.

Chandler Utilities set a new due date with a four day grace period, before shutting the water off to 498 customers.

Some residents are telling us they need more time to pay.

"I was enraged," recalled Chandler resident Judith Boughner.

"500 people forgot," laughed resident Michael Day. "Well, it's ridiculous."

498 Chandler Water customers were late on their April bills and most say it's not because they forgot about the new due date, but because they didn't have the money yet to pay.

Michael Day and his mother had to borrow money to make sure their water wasn't shut off.

"I wasn't shocked because everybody on a limited income, they get paid once a month, how can they pay it," said Boughner.

With the new automated meter reading system, all customers have to be paid in full by the 24th of each month or risk their water being shut off.

"But the deal of it, that money don't stretch, when you've got to make sure you have a roof over your head. We've got to pay the bills, so what they are doing is setting the rules out there that are making it difficult for everybody," Day said.

Chandler Utility services nearly 7,000 customers, but most of those 498 who had their water shut off were in Chandler.

Chandler Town Council says they hope residents will be patient during this adjustment period, and say they will work with customers on payment arrangements.

"We spend a lot of time balancing our budget," Boughner told 14 News.

Boughner still hopes the due date for the water bill be changed.

And even more frustrating to residents is that Chandler Utilities is under the jurisdiction of the town council, except for rate increases which have to go through the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission.

If residents have problems with their bills, they can call Town Hall and ask to be put on the agenda for the next council meeting on May 7th.

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