Mayor Winnecke speaks about the Roberts Stadium report

It appears it would be cheaper to rebuild than remodel Roberts Stadium.

That's a theme throughout the report from the Roberts Stadium Task Force, and after looking over that report, Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke says he has some research of his own to do.

We got out first look on Wednesday at just how much it would cost to build something else on the Roberts Stadium lot, and the options aren't cheap.

"I'm not going to tell you that because I've got to do more research," said Mayor Winnecke.

Mayor Winnecke is not telling us which of the six ideas he likes best, only saying he has some homework to do.

"I'd like a better idea of how these, some of these ideas would play out," said Mayor Winnecke.

Specifically, how much they would cost. The report from the Task Force includes a cost estimate for each option. The multi-sport complex is said to cost around $21 million. A multi-sport natatorium facility would be $25 million. The action sports and natatorium would be a little lower at $12 million. A regional expo center or an events center each would cost around $4 million. Finally, the park or green space option between $12 to $14 million, and that's just the initial cost.

"Just as importantly, we have to have a really good grasp on what the ongoing operational costs would be annually," said Mayor Winnecke.

The mayor says he plans to dig a little deeper,and investigate the specific financial costs of each option himself.

Still, Mayor Winnecke says you won't see a strip mall here or, "we're not going to build softball complexes there."

But still, many tell 14 News that they favor a sports complex of some type that would be open to families.

"Any type of facility that has dance possibilities, programs available to get other surrounding areas also involved by starting this," said resident Mikki Spencer.

Mayor Winnecke says he'll soon meet with City Controller Russ Lloyd to see what the city can afford before making his final decision.

"We have to make what is the best financial decision for the city and that's what we'll intend to do," said Mayor Winnecke.

Mayor Winnecke says he plans to present this choice to the Parks Board by June 6th.

Click here if you would like to read the report.

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