HS students may have mistreated a racoon

A game warden in Quitman, Tx confirmed Tuesday morning they're investigating reports of alleged mistreatment of a raccoon at a local High School.

Game Warden Kurt Kelley says some students picked-up an injured raccoon on the side of the road and brought the raccoon onto campus.

Kelley says they're investigating reports that the raccoon was mistreated by students on campus property.

He said there will be some charges filed. Kelley said he is working closely with the Wood County District Attorney's Office to file the appropriate charges.

Quitman ISD Superintendent Rick Flanagan released the statement below in regards to the allegations.

"The district is currently investigating reports of an incident involving our students. And since students are involved, I am not at liberty to release any information pertaining to our investigation, but we do have the appropriate authorities that are assisting us in our investigation. Quitman ISD tries to instill respect for all living things through our classes taught and our agriculture department. Also, the district will respond immediately to any reports of disrespect to people or animals on our campus."

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