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FBI warns of virus; could be without Internet in July

The FBI says you could soon be without Internet access if you don't have your computer checked for a specific virus.

There is a website that the FBI is encouraging everyone to visit. On the site, you can check to see if your computer is infected with a Domain Name System virus. If it is, the FBI says you will want to fix the problem, before you lose your online access.

In September of last year, the FBI announced they had arrested six Estonian nationals, for running a sophisticated Internet fraud ring. The virus had allegedly affected millions of computers worldwide.

"It was basically a multi-million dollar type of scam," said R.J. Champion of Champion Computer Services.

The FBI says the perpetrators solicited at least $14 million in illegal advertising funds, by infecting about four million computers. The FBI also says that since it is likely that many people weren't aware that their computer was affected, the bureau itself set-up back-up servers to keep those people online. But Champion says the FBI safety net won't last.

"As soon as the FBI turns the servers loose, or turns them off completely, those that have not been taken care of, that have not gotten their computer fixed, would actually be without Internet," said Champion.

That deadline is now less than two months away. As the FBI has announced, they will shut down those safety servers on July 9th.

"I use it to pay bills, when bills are due obviously, and I like to surf the web. Obviously, everyone is on Facebook nowadays, so Facebook and all the social media sites," said Internet user Jordan Alstadt.

When asked how Alstadt would feel if he woke up one morning and the Internet was gone, he answered," Uh, pretty lost, pretty lost."

When on the FBI site, you have the options to check your computer for the DNS virus, fix the problem, and protect your computer from future viruses.

The FBI says that if your computer still has the virus on July 9th, you will lose your Internet access. 

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