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Unsolved Murder: William Arliss Shelton

December 4, 1957

Henderson County, Kentucky

This old murder case remains unsolved for homicide detectives at the Kentucky State Police post in Henderson, Kentucky.

On December 4th, 1957, 32-year-old William Arliss Shelton was found dead behind the VFW Club on U.S. 41, three miles south of Henderson. He had been beaten to death and his body was left in his vehicle.

Shelton, known to many as "Curly," was a TV star in Evansville.

Police say he was apparently involved with several women, some married. He was a heavy drinker and was deeply in debt but police say robbery was not the motive.

Detectives thought maybe an angry husband or boyfriend of one of Shelton's girlfriends may have sought revenge, but no arrests were ever made.

If you have information about the murder of William Arliss Shelton contact the Kentucky State Police at 1-270-826-3312.

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