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Warm weather opening O'boro SprayParks early

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Owensboro's two SprayParks are opening three weeks early. They have become popular destinations for children and their parents.

Peggy Ratliff's daycare kids are regulars at Legion Park's SprayPark.

"We do go down there quite a bit. Our kids enjoy it. It's something they don't get to play in everyday. Anything dealing with water they enjoy it," said Ratliff.

"The big dragon, he blows out water," said Christian Issom, who loves to use the SprayPark.

"It has fingers, it has a waterfall, and it has a button you got to push it," said Dalton Simmons, also a fan of the SprayPark.

Ratliff's class normally has to wait until summer to use the park.

"Usually it's around June," said Ratliff.

This year's a different story with a May 4th opening.

"The weather being nicer, we're able to get the water on in the parks and get the SprayParks open earlier. We can open them without, you know, health risks to the public, it being too cool for children," said Amanda Rodgers with the Parks Department.

One of the best parts of Owensboro's two SprayParks at Legion and Kendall Perkins Park?

"No costs and that makes it a big plus. We have already signed up for our field trips. You have to be signed up to go down there. We're ready to go," said Ratliff.

The park hours are 10:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. There is no lifeguard on duty, so it's play at your own risk.

Owensboro's newest SprayPark located in Smother's Park will open at the end of August.

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