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EVSC parents upset over nearly year-late netbook bills

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Repair bills, some $100 or more, are being sent out to Evansville parents for school Netbooks turned in nearly a year ago.

Friday parents are asking if the computers were damaged, why didn't they know about it until now?

The school corporation says the bills were supposed to be sent out in the fall, but bills for students who graduated last year, for some reason, were not.

Parents are only now receiving those bills, an expensive surprise in the mail, they weren't expecting.

"We were in shock because we never received any notice from the school prior to that saying that the bill was never paid," said Jennifer Sexton. 

Sexton is just one of a number of Evansville parents who received a bill in the mail for repairs to their now graduated students' damaged netbook.

The catch? It was turned-in to the school nearly a year ago.

"It should be if there's bill, if there's an issue with the Netbook, it should be addressed before the child graduates, or that child should not be allowed to graduate if there's still outstanding bills," Sexton said. 

The bill, sent out by the EVSC lists the damages and repair and labor costs.

EVSC Chief Communications Officer Marsha Jackson says if there's damage, it must be repaired and it must be paid for.

"It is documented exactly what was wrong with that computer," Jackson said. "The legitimacy is not an issue. We do apologize for the lateness of the bill, but the student did use the Netbook all year. There was damage and we had to have it repaired so the bill needs to be paid."

But for parents like Sexton, it's an unwelcome cost she wasn't expecting.

"There are little things that you may not have noticed or maybe the student didn't notice it. In other cases, maybe the student did notice it and just turned it in," Sexton said. 

The school corporation says it is working with some families who need to make smaller payments until the repair bill is paid off, and there is no late fee attached to the bills these parents just received.

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