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"Ugly Ted" Battles Bullying

An Indiana man is working to put an end to bullying with the help of an unusual toy.

Creator Mark Little says "Ugly Ted" the bear is made fun of for his looks, but is still staying positive.

Little came up with the idea for Ted to try and teach kids about bullying and show that true beauty comes from within.

"With Ugly Ted you see that message, and hopefully people start realizing that we have to start paying attention to this, it's a growing epidemic," Little says.

Each stuffed bear comes with different stories of Ted's life, which include being picked on and being orphaned.

Little says he want kids to take those stories to school to help make them a better and safer place.

Manufacturers are working to make some of Ugly Ted's new friends come to life as well.

Ted and his books are set to hit select stores in late July.

Each Ugly Ted costs $17 and is currently sold online at UglyTed.com.

A portion of Ugly Ted sales are donated to Dreamcatchers for Abused Children and the Megan Meier Foundation.
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