Whitfield praises local school as model for education

Congressman Ed Whitfield paid a visit to Henderson Tuesday, speaking to South Heights Elementary students about the value of higher education.  Whitfield also praised the school for being a national model for education, saying the school takes students on three visits to college campuses before grade five. 

Whitfield says, "I just think they instill confidence in the students. They do an exceptionally good job at that. And you know, one of the keys to success in anything that you do is to believe in yourself. And for a lot of young people, particularly from areas where they might not have had as much guidance as they need, having that confidence within themselves is not always easy."

Whitfield also spoke at a Henderson Lion's Club meeting, saying how recent EPA regulations prevent the building of new coal plants in America.  He calls those preventions a "tremendous disadvantage" in competing in the global marketplace.

"I believe that this EPA is being so aggressive and they're passing so many regulations that have such an impact throughout our society, that at a time when we are trying to improve the economy and it seems to be stalling right now, it's the exact wrong time to be implementing regulations that's gonna put additional financial burdens on companies," Whitfield says.

After that meeting, Whitfield attended the funeral of fallen Webster County soldier, Specialist David Taylor, before visiting with coal-miners in Union County.

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