Signs of progress on Green River and Lincoln intersection

A big sign of progress on Tuesday as one lane each way on Lincoln Avenue is open and one southbound lane on Green River Road is also open. However, the construction project still has a way to go.

Tuesday morning, drivers could find plenty of action at Lincoln and Green River Road, just not the kind they're used to. Work to improve the intersection is now in its second week.

While crews move forward, drivers who rely on this busy area, can't do the same.

"Going to school, going to church, shopping. You name it, we use this intersection," said driver Melinda Miller.

For Miller getting around the mess isn't that big of a deal because she says she knows where to go.

"In order to get my girls from school, I have to go around and in order to get home we have to take alternate routes," said Miller.

But instead of avoiding the area or taking pre-set detours laid out by the city, many drivers are still creating shortcuts of their own.

"They've always cut through because the Green River Road light is so long people don't want to sit through the light, so they cut through here, you know, to cut time down," said Patty Gee, who works at CK's Hair Fashions that's right at the corner of Lincoln and Green River.

She says they've always had to share their lot with impatient drivers, but the construction is only making things worse.

"And it's dangerous, the way they do because we don't have the bumper stops anymore and they whiz through," said Gee.

Gee tells 14 News they warned customers about what was coming, even tried to give directions, but there have still been problems.

"We had trouble Friday with everybody. My 8:30 didn't even come. She couldn't get here so she just went home," said Gee.

The salon isn't the only nearby business ready to see things wrap up and the roads reopen. When they do, you can expect many people, including Gee, to feel relieved.

Evansville Police say they have increased their presence around the intersection and have issued some tickets to drivers not obeying traffic signs.

The entire project which involves putting in new pavement, signals, curbs and making dedicated turn lanes, among other things, isn't expected to be completed until late fall.

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