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Vanderburgh residents can pay property taxes online

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Vanderburgh County Treasurer Rick Davis announced on Thursday that Vanderburgh County property owners are now able to view – and even PAY – their 2012 property tax bills online via the Internet.

Thursday's announcement gives taxpayers 43 days of advance notice before the Spring Due Date.  The public may go to and follow a link to see how much they will owe in property taxes. Davis said the 43-day notice is down from 57 days last year, but attributed the majority of that lag time due to activity at the State House.

"The State was contemplating legislation that would have been ‘retroactive' – meaning the legislation would have affected this year's tax bills instead of for next year's bills.  Therefore, the County Auditor's Office had to wait until the legislature concluded its duties in order to begin complex procedures necessary for calculating taxes for this year's bills," said Davis. "The potential property tax legislation, which in the end did not pass, nevertheless set all counties in the state back a bit on their property tax billing procedures."

Davis, in his fourth year as Treasurer, said his office is now preparing to print the property tax bills in-house for the third year in a row. Printing will take about two weeks, said Davis, who said bills should arrive in the mail in mid-April, if not a little sooner.  State law requires that residents have a minimum 15-day notice in the mail before the due date.

            "On-time billing is the direct result of hard work of the employees in the assessor, auditor and treasurer offices, who worked diligently with our software vendor, Manatron, and the Department of Local Government Finance in Indianapolis toward achieving this goal," said Davis, who noted that property taxes will be due on May 10, 2012 for the Spring Installment and Nov. 13, 2012 for the Fall Installment. The fall installment is three days later than normal this year due to the fact that the traditional Nov. 10 deadline falls on a Saturday.  Banks will also observe Veterans Day on Monday, Nov. 12 this year, forcing the fall due date to Nov. 13.

            "Unless we have an unforeseen breakdown in equipment, taxpayers should have ample notice between the time they get their bills in the mail and the amount of time they have to pay them, which I feel is an outstanding accomplishment for my co-workers.  It's also due to hard work by the assessor and auditor offices," said Davis. "It's also worth noting that our budget to print these bills is only $15,000, and we purchased all of our supplies locally – whereas it previously had a budget of $65,000 when the county outsourced the bills to a third party vendor. Printing these bills in-house has been a major benefit to the taxpayers of Vanderburgh County."

            Not only can taxpayers view their bills online, they can also PAY their bills online beginning immediately, said Davis.  For taxpayers who pay by debit or credit card, there is a 2.75% transaction fee added on to the bill.  "That feature is for people who live out of town or find it more convenient to pay with plastic," said Davis.  Taxpayers may also pay online using an electronic check, or "E-Check," for only $3.  Davis noted the fees are paid to a third-party software company that developed the technology to allow credit card and E-check transactions.

            Davis said further announcements regarding tax bills, including other payment options, will be made in the coming weeks.  If taxpayers have questions about the assessment of their properties, they should contact the Vanderburgh County Assessor's Office at (812) 435-5530. If taxpayers have questions about exemptions for their property, they should contact the County Auditor's Office at (812) 435-5293.  For questions concerning property tax payments, contact the County Treasurer's Office at (812) 435-5248.

To see how much you will owe in property taxes or to pay your bill online, click here.

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