Future of Roberts Stadium down to six ideas

Six ideas for the future of Roberts Stadium are now heading to the office of Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke.

The Roberts Stadium Task Force narrowed down more than 600 ideas submitted by the public to just six that are considered the most viable.

They are:

  • A multi-sport complex
  • A natatorium with a multi-sports complex
  • A park
  • An exposition center
  • A mid-size arena
  • A BMX park.

This means we are one step closer to knowing what will happen with Roberts Stadium.

Some of the final six ideas include keeping the building, others do not.

"Due diligence was done on all the opinions of all the public," said resident Barbara Dye.

The full Roberts Stadium Task Force met Thursday night to report on the final six ideas. Four of the ideas are sports facilities.

"When you look at all of these ideas combined, it could not only be used by young people, but the older crowd, too," said Task Force member Bill Nix.

Committee members say some disadvantages of choosing a sports facility include competition with the Ford Center and the cost to maintain the building.

The fifth idea that will be submitted to the Mayor is an expo center.

"Visitors would be able to interact with exhibitors. They would be able to use, practice, be encouraged to buy products, sold in the Tri-State market place for say," said Task Force member Jeff Justice.

A disadvantage of an expo center would be that it could provide competition for The Centre.

The final idea is for a park. In this suggestion, Roberts Stadium would be torn down to make way for green space and possibly a lake.

"Most of the ideas centered around a Central Park type, similar to what you have in NYC or synonymous to Piedmont Park in Atlanta," said Task Force Member Luke Yaeger.

A disadvantage to a park is all the maintenance.

The Task Force now plans to write up a report including all six ideas. It will be submitted to the Mayor for final consideration.

"I do not know what the Mayor will choose out of all of it, but I hope it will be something that benefits the most number of people in the city," Dye said.

The Task Force has until the end of March to get that report in and the Mayor's Office says it hopes to make a decision as soon as possible.

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