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Family friend starts support in 'Krazy for Kaj'

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A family friend was so touched by the story of little Kaj, that she started a Facebook group in his name.

'Krazy for Kaj' is growing by the hour and has sparked an outpouring of support for the family. 

"Just this past weekend he learned how to crawl. This is just the worst, very traumatic," said family friend Beth Chupp.

While Kaj's family is with him in Cincinnati as he recovers, Chupp, is in Evansville helping in a different way.

"Spudz-N-Stuff just donated two $25 gift certificates," said Chupp. "We're trying to raise support for them as well as monetary funds. So, I thought the Facebook page was a good way to get people together."

Chupp knows the family well. Her sister is Kaj's Godmother.

She says businesses and people have already been making donations left and right for an online auction.

"Oh, we just got one from Piece of Cake for $25," said Chupp. "We're also trying to get together to put on a yard sale, because I know yard sales do so well for them."

She knows first hand.

"My son was diagnosed with brain cancer when he was seven months old."

Seven months, the same age as Kaj is right now.

"We did have a lot of luck for the yard sale for my son. Over $10,000 was raised toward his medical bills," said Chupp.

She knows those medical bills will be just as high for the Shrodes.

"They're staying in Cincinnati, which alone you've got food, you've got housing, so that money has to come from somewhere," said Chupp.

Chupp is hoping the yard sale, the online auction, bake sales, and more events will help them monetarily and give them some hope.

"It's really amazing," said Chupp.

Chupp is also starting a bank account in the family's name to raise money for hospital bills and other expenses the family will need in the future.

You can find information on the date and location of the events, as well as how to donate on the Krazy for Kaj facebook page:


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