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Mother of woman accused of murder speaks out

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Thursday night, we heard from the mother of a young Evansville woman accused of murder.

Megan Mecum is one of three suspects in the death of her ex-husband, Keith Vaughn.

Mecum's mother, Elaine Epley, says if her daughter committed the crime, she ought to be held accountable.

The three suspects are being held at the Vanderburgh County Jail on charges of murder and robbery.

As the case moves through court, family members of even the suspects, say they hope justice is served.

"I knew she was on drugs real bad, because she came over and had lost a lot of weight, and she was hanging around with the wrong people," Epley said.

Epley describes what her daughter was like before Police charged Megan in the murder of Keith Vaughn.

Epley says Megan not only had a problem with drugs, but she and Vaughn were suffering from marital issues.

Vaughn filed for a divorce and protective order against Mecum this February, just about a month after they married.

"I told him 'If you marry Megan, that's going to be the death of you,' and he just laughed it off," Epley said.

Vaughn was found stabbed to death in home on Kathleen Avenue Sunday.

Monday, police not only arrested 21-year-old Megan Mecum, but also 31-year-old Hubert Cook Mayhugh and 17-year-old James Levi Mayhugh.

Investigators believe it was a robbery turned deadly.

"I hope they get the right one. I hope Megan didn't kill him, but if she did, she did," Epley said.

On Thursday, Mecum's mom says she believes her daughter would have never been involved if it wasn't for the drug addiction.

"Nobody would help us to get her admitted to get some help, maybe this would have never happened."

As the case moves through court, Epley says who ever committed the crime needs to be held responsible.

"I don't think Megan killed him no, no. I know whoever did it needs to go to jail, because Keith was a good guy.  He would do anything for anybody."

Vaughn's wake was held Thursday and his funeral is Friday.

The three suspects will remain in jail on no bond until at least their next court date.

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