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Sister of woman accused of murder speaks out

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(Keith Vaughn. Source: Facebook) (Keith Vaughn. Source: Facebook)

Family members of a woman accused of murdering her husband spoke out Tuesday. 

Megan Mecum was arrested Sunday night, after police found her husband, 42 year-old Keith Vaughn, dead in their home.

Mecum was one of three people arrested and her sister says she's shocked to think they might have committed this crime.

However, she says, she does think Mecum was involved.

It was a time in her sister's marriage that Doris Epley says should have been a honeymoon period. Her sister, Mecum, married family friend Keith Vaughn in January. And Epley says Vaughn was smitten with his bride.

"Anything my sister wanted, he gave it to her. He gave her everything. He was a very good hearted man," said Epley. 

Epley says Vaughn was a supportive friend to her. But she says, Mecum would often leave her former husband unexpectedly.

"She would go home, I guess to try and get money and she would leave and be gone. He would always call me and say 'where's your sister?', I haven't heard from her," said Epley. 

But she thought they were trying to work through their problems up until this last Sunday, when she got a call that changed everything.

"Said hey, your sister's house is surrounded by cop cars, caution tape and everything," said Epley.

Police say Vaughn was found dead inside the home. Later, officers say they found a bag containing several items with blood on them, including a knife. Officers say Mecum admitted that she and Vaughn were having marital problems. Epley says she thinks Mecum was involved but doesn't think she killed her ex-husband.

"I don't think she was capable of doing that, you know what I mean, and I don't think she was the one that actually did it. I mean, she was obviously there with them," said Epley. 

But when she thinks about the other two arrested in this case, Hubert and James "Levi" Mayhugh, she's more suspicious.

"Now that it all comes out to this, yeah I mean, I do see that," notes Epley. 

Epley says she's overwhelmed with all of these developments, but she says the first thing she plans to do is grieve for her friend, Vaughn.

And all three suspects are expected to be in court this week.

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