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NWS: Two tornadoes struck Greenville during Wednesday storms

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National Weather Service officials say two tornadoes struck Greenville, an EF-1 and an EF-2.

Officials say the EF-1 tornado stretched about 700 feet while the second one damaged over five miles of everything in it's way.

Nancy Countzler lives off of Highway 176, right in the path of Wednesday's tornado, and she says she knew something was wrong when her cat was acting up.

"I called her, tried to get her to go into the den at the back of my house and she wouldn't come to me. She went under the bed and she's never been afraid of a storm," Countzler said.

But this was no ordinary storm.  In fact, Countzler says she hasn't seen anything like it since she moved here in 1963.

"Things started flying and I couldn't even see the house up above me. Everything was in the air, it was hitting in the garage," Countzler told 14 News.

Countzler's car was even in the garage at the time of the tornado, but like many of her other possessions, didn't survive the storm. 

EMA Director Keith Putnam says this was the EF-2 tornado that started near south middle school.

The other, an EF-1, touched down near the west side of Greenville.

"They weren't picked up on radar. There was a line of storms they kept coming through and it was just one of those that popped up real quick and we were just unable to predict it," Putnam said.

Preliminary reports from the National Weather Service find there may have been nine tornadoes in Kentucky yesterday, with two in Greenville alone.

"That's the first time that I can remember we've had two at one time. Just glad it wasn't any worse and no more damage and no more injuries occurred," said Putnam.

For Countzler, she's just glad she made it out safely and has the support of her family during this difficult time.

"Only thing I know to say is God just wasn't ready for me," Countzler said.

If you need assistance from storm damage, the Red Cross has been active visiting several homes. You can them by calling (270) 821-6784.

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