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Posey Co family alright after house fire

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Some scary moments late Saturday night, as five children and two adults rushed out of their home after it caught fire.

Sunday night, that family talks about why they believe they were protected.

The fire damaged much of the two story house just off of Lamont Road in Mt. Vernon, but for the Hollander family, the fire couldn't weaken their spirit.

For years, the family of seven have been playing gospel music as a family band.

When asked how long they had been playing, Bob Hollander said "Since they was knee-high to a grasshopper," referring to his three kids.

Saturday night, the Hollanders' home caught on fire.

Everyone got out safe and instead of shedding tears or expressing anger over the situation, the Hollanders grabbed a guitar and sang.

"I kept hearing over and over in my heart, 'Joy cometh in the morning. Sorrow lasts but for the night, but joy is coming,'" said Rita Hollander.

Last month, Bob Hollander nearly lost life and limb when he got his arm caught on a meat hook at the contracting business where he works.

He says his faith and past experiences of adversity have helped him and his family become mentally tough.

"God always has a plan and if we put our faith and trust in him, no matter what comes against us, we're going to come out victorious," Bob told 14 News.

As a family, the Hollanders feel they can face anything and that's enough to keep them singing.

Rita and Bob Hollander also mentioned that a family member is looking to start a relief fund for the family.  14 News will have more information on that as it becomes available.

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