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Flavoring your pet's medication

After years of medication to try to control her dog's seizures, 8 year-old English Setter Ruth is now a lot more calm when it comes time to take her medicine.

"We have tried liquids and pills all types of things to make it more comfortable for her," said Juanita Duerkop Robbins.

Robbins is among the many pet owners who now add flavor to their animal's medication - an option she says is better than having to force her dog to take her meds.

"A lot of dogs will bite when you try to give them medications and fight you." said Robbins.

In the past few years, flavoring options for pet meds have become more popular. You can flavor them with root beer, peanut butter, pina colada, and pineapple. And the flavor options don't stop there.

Pharmacist Heather Evans compounds medicine and says it's similar to adding flavor to pediatric medications to suit what the child likes. Now it can be geared towards what your pet likes.

She says dogs often prefer meat and sweet flavors, while cats tend to only like fish and chicken flavors. She also flavors medicine for birds, which she says love fruity sweet flavors like banana, tutti fruity, and strawberry.

"We just have our local vets call and they ask if we can help them out and make things for them. We actually have compounded for a squirrel before in an almond oil for a nut flavor," said Evans.

As for Juanita - she says medicine time has now become treat time for her dog Ruth. "If you can make it a pleasant thing for them, then you feel better about having to give it to them."

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