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Acupuncture for kids

How do you help children deal with chronic pain when medication simply won't work? Well, one doctor is using acupuncture to treat kids' pain.

Dr. Mark McDonald treats children, teens and young adults. He trained in acupuncture after seeing the impact it had for his daughter.

After years of migraines, McDonald says western medicine was unable to treat the pain or fix the problem. But after 20 minutes of acupuncture, her pain was gone.

"It causes opioid release in the spinal fluid," says Dr. McDonald. It's essentially just like taking a narcotic.

According to McDonald, it's natural pain relief, along with a release of serotonin and norepinephrine.

For the most part, his patients don't feel the needles.

"They're inserted with a guide tube, it kind of fools the body. The patient may feel maybe one out of ten, and if it hurts at all, we take it out," says Dr. McDonald.

His goal is making the hurt stop, and it's working.

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