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Who is the Million Dollar Powerball Winner in Evansville?

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A powerball ticket sold on Evansville's East Side is worth $1 million.

It's not quite the $50 million powerball jackpot that was up for grabs, but $1 million is not too bad either.

Five lucky numbers making someone a millionaire.

Motomart assistant manager Martha Julian got word about the winning ticket from the Hoosier Lottery early Thursday morning.

"And so yeah, I was excited and I told the two I'm working with about it," Julian said.

It was another phone call a few hours later that really made things interesting.

14 News was getting ready for the interview when a tip came in about the winner.

Whoever it is hasn't come forward publicly and Julia wasn't about to spill the beans.

But if it's true, she says he is from the area.

"Do they play a lot? I don't know, but yeah I think they deserve it, it's a local person, so I'm happy about that," Julian told 14 News.

"It's got to be a relative, 'cause we're all related, right?," joked Powerball player Tom Shoulders.

Until there's an official announcement from the Hoosier Lotto, it seems the winner will remain a mystery.

So now, all that's left to do is wait and keep on playing, because when it comes to luck you just never know.

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