Committee reviewing proposed ideas for Roberts Stadium

After three public meetings, the Roberts Stadium Task Force heard over 600 ideas on what to do with the stadium and now they are narrowing down the list of options before a final decision is made.

"We're just pleased with the input from the public," said Mayor Winnecke's Chief of Staff Steve Schaefer.

A lot of the ideas have all been heard before, anything from an extreme sports complex to green space.

"A lot of those were repeats. I think we saw about between 10 and 15 consistent themes," said Schaefer.

Since most of the ideas fall within three categories, sports, parks and recreation, and entertainment, the committee was broken down into three groups.

"We've divided them into three pieces and we're going to try to whittle it down," said Larry Steenberg, who's on the task force.

Each group will then evaluate and research the ideas. From there, each group will choose one to three ideas it believes are the most viable.

"What they want to present to us is the best ideas of that grouping," notes Steenberg.

The mayor's office has made it clear what it doesn't want to see on that list. For one, any idea that would compete with the Ford Center.

Also, there should be no ideas that involve a commercial development, although a partnership with private interest, the mayor's office says is okay.

The best options of each category will then be presented to the full committee, which could then be narrowed down even more.

"We'll talk about it for a while," states Steenberg.

The final list of options that will consist of three to nine ideas will then be forwarded to the mayor's office.

"The final report will be presented to the mayor and from that, he'll be able to make a decision based on some of the research and evaluation of the report the task force has done," said Schaefer.

Mayor Winnecke will have the final say.

The committee expects to meet again in a couple of weeks.

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