Winner of the Valentines Prize Package

Congratulations to Mark Mayer of Boonville!

Mark Wrote:

The 1st time I saw Lesa I was pulling into the parking lot at Bethel Temple for the friday night youth rally. Now while I thought I was the catch of the day, lesa wasn't quite as impressed with my motorcycle, beer belly and braid. I chased her for months until she finally said she would go bowling with me IF I never asked her again. I immediately said yes, after all 1 date withe most beautiful girl in the world was better than nothing. We went bowling, I took her home and can you believe she wouldn't even let me kiss her good night. As I left and she was inside something told her that she would marry me and we would travel the world preaching the gospel (minus the bike belly and braid). That is exactly what happpened. 30 years ago the most beautiful girl in the world became my wife and we have traveled all over the world preaching the gospel. We have the great kids and their spouses and 6 grand kids as well. And to think it is all because I said yes to to a "1 time only" date that it changed my life forever. By the way she is still the most beautiful girl in the world. That is how we met.