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Officers release name of driver killed in Owensboro crash

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Owensboro Police have released the identity of a man killed in a one-vehicle crash over the weekend.  They say he is 24 year old Joseph L. Sowders of Owensboro.

Police say it all started with the report of someone, possibly intoxicated in a McDonald's drive-thru and ended in a crash so violent, witnesses say, the car was cut in two and wrapped around a pole.

Police say the driver, Sowders, was thrown from the vehicle and died at the scene.  Police believe he was the same person who was accused of being hostile and drunk at McDonald's on West Parrish Avenue just minutes before the crash. 

 Officers had been driving through side streets off of Parrish looking for signs of the driver. But they say by the time they found who they were looking for the collision had already happened.

Business owner Larry Schreker is spending his day off, back at work, cleaning up the damage from the collision that happened right in front of his business.

"It damaged some of the vehicles, bumpers and headlights and windshields and things of that nature," says Schreker.

Schreker says there was so much glass, it looked like snow. He says when he saw the accident, parts of the car were strewn all about.

"Part of the car was around the pole and part of the car was over by the railroad tracks," notes Schreker. 

When Owensboro Police Department initially arrived, officers say they recognized the car as one that had gotten away from them earlier that night, when they say they had been called to the McDonalds on Parrish Avenue.

 Officers say they found the collision 15 minutes after the driver sped away from them.

"It was the same vehicle with the subject that had been deceased on scene," says Hathaway.

Schreker says the accident may have caused thousands of dollars in damage to his car but he says he's fortunate this did not happen in the middle of a business day when he and customers are frequently standing outside.

"Things could have been a whole lot worse,"says Schreker.

Crabtree Avenue was closed down for a period as officers checked out the scene and the investigation into the crash is still ongoing.

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