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New library may be coming to Haubstadt

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The library in Haubstadt, Indiana is more like a room, and officials say there's not enough room for everything.  In fact, they say if they get a new set of books, an old one has to go.

Town officials say they have the property picked out already.

It's right across from town hall, in the heart of Downtown Haubstadt.

They say that location will draw more people to come check out books.

"I like to read a lot of the Joan Fluke books, who is a mystery writer. I really like her.  Right now, I'm reading Iris Johanson book, and I will read almost any genre of book," says librarian Kris Lutz.

That's why she says working as the librarian at the Haubstadt Public Library is a perfect fit for her.

But she says, what's not fitting, is the high number of books and movies they're holding in their current facility.  Lutz says, right now, they don't even have the room to bring in furniture for people to sit down.

"It would nice to be able to have a place where the kids can come in and sit down and read and relax.  Right now, they'll find a little nook and sit on the floor."

Lutz says because of space they can't hold the programs they would like and they are selling some of their older books and movies to make space for new materials.

Clerk Bonnie Wagner with the town of Haubstadt says they are actively pursuing a project to build a new library. They are even seeking grant money from the state.

"It's more or less for the construction of the actual building."

Wagner says the town went for an Ocra grant last year, but received word they weren't receiving it.  She says the support for this project is so high, they're confident in trying again.

"We're very persistent - we decided we're going to go back in and we're going to go until we get it or they don't have grant money anymore."

Representatives from Ocra will meet with town officials Monday night to discuss the grant application.

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