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Hiring for new Toyota jobs already in process

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Toyota is making a $400 million investment in its Gibson County plant.

More Highlanders will be assembled there to be exported globally, and Toyota needs 400 more workers.

Hundreds of workers will be needed to fill those positions. They are temp jobs, but 14 News has been told they could turn into full-time jobs with Toyota.

It doesn't take long for the news of 400 new jobs to start spreading.

"I actually got a text message during the meeting asking if Toyota is hiring," says safety team leader Glen Fehr.

The 400 new workers will work at Toyota but will work for a staffing agency called Aerotek.

A few hundred Aerotek employees already work at Toyota.  Like those, these new positions will be full-time with benefits and starting pay is $14.66 an hour. 

"It's going to be manufacturing jobs here at the plant, and that could be anything from paint, plastics assembly, the whole nine," states Aerotek's Devin Spaulding.

Those hired would work one of two shifts, Monday through Friday, with an occasional Saturday. 

"It's good if they have manufacturing or production experience, however it's not a must have. We do look at job history. If they've got any kind of job history doing physical activity, that helps as well," says Spaulding.

Spaulding says it also helps to have one of the Aerotek jobs if you're looking to go full-time with Toyota.

"They've got the opportunity. If the opportunity arises here at the plant for Toyota to hire them permanent, they would choose from Aerotek's workforce."

The only way to apply for one of these jobs is to get online.

Spaulding says once you're on the website, it's an easy process from start to finish and you might want to start right away.

Applications are already being accepted and the hiring process does take some time. 

"It could be a month long process, depending on their time," notes Spaulding.

To apply for the jobs, click here.

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