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POLICE: Illegal bath salts making their way to Gibson Co.

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Oakland City Police say illegal bath salts are being sent through the mail from different countries.

Oakland city Police Chief Alec Hensley says postal inspectors met with him a few days ago and subsequently, they've found a few of these packets.

He says one packet they found in a home where police officers also found meth was disguised as scratch remover.

He says others are stored in laundry detergent packets.

Hensley says often times these are shipped in the mail from other countries like China and are sometimes used as a crutch by people addicted to meth.

"It's like a synthetic methamphetamine, it's having the same effects to them as taking meth, the only problem is, if it's having the same effects, we have these individuals who are trying to drive in the streets, they're trying to make decisions when they don't have a clear mind to make those decisions," Hensley says.

Hensley says many times, these websites that are selling the bath salts claim the product is legal in the United States.

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