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'Super' price gouging in Indy

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While people headed to the Super Bowl may hope for a historic game, they had no desire to pay historically-high prices for lodging.

With any large event you can expect some leap in costs for items, as anyone who has spent $8 for a beer at a ballgame can tell you.

But hotels in Indianapolis increased prices by as much as 1,700 percent, according to PR Newswire. And to further twist the knife, many required a four-day minimum booking.

A search for area hotels on the website booking.com showed a three-night stay (Feb. 3-6) at Super 8 in the host city costs $1,400 for two adults, and a stay at Comfort Inn South Indianapolis would set you back $967, plus taxes and fees.

The aptly-named America's Best Value Inn – Indy Northwest is charging $1,497 (only two rooms left Friday!).

And how much would the three-day stay cost next week? A far more reasonable $145.

Those who are going that have not gotten a room can only expect prices to continue skyward. As the clock gets closer to kickoff time, those last-minute partygoers with deep pockets are expected to pay top dollar for accommodations.

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