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'Energizing Indiana' offering to assess your energy use

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Vectren says heating bills this winter should be lower because of the lower price of natural gas and milder temperatures and the utility is promoting conservation to save even more on your monthly bill and it's not just a Vectren campaign.

Energizing Indiana is a new initiative to help the entire state, whether school, businesses or homes, lower the use of electricity.

One of the most interesting programs for households is a personal energy assessment.

These free assessments began just this week and 90% of the state qualifies to sign up.

Marjorie Angermeier is one of the first to get an energy assessment on her home.

Although the weather has been relatively mild, her home felt cold and to her surprise, her Vectren bill was higher than last month.

"I thought maybe it had to do with leakage of air in the house, because it's not a new house," Angermeier said.

Marjorie took Vectren's advice and signed up for the home assessment, provided by Energizing Indiana.

"They said they would actually replace some of my light bulbs with the newer style ones and all of this with no charge," Angermeier said.

Once you make an appointment, an energy advisor will spend about an hour to an hour and a half analyzing your home.

"Anything from weatherization, caulking, to windows to lighting, so a broad range of information and give you a report at the end of it too," said Client Relationship Manager for Energizing Indiana Bob Deig.

"We look at your TVs, we count the number of light bulbs in the home, and then we give you a 13 page assessment of the energy usage that you have and make recommendations on how you can lower your cost on heating, cooling and your energy use in your home," said Energizing Indiana Field Service Supervisor Greg Witter.

The light bulbs, sink aerators and shower heads are included as well.

What does something like the shower head have to do with lowering energy?

"It lowers the amount of water that you use and specifically it lowers the amount of hot water," Witter said.

After her assessment, Marjorie hopes to see a big reduction in her $200+ energy bill.

"Absolutely excited about the potential savings, because that is one of the big bills every month, and the bigger the house the more it can be and I really need to scale it back if at all possible," Angermeier says.

There is so many programs available through Energizing Indiana, if you qualify they will even insulate your home for free.

There are also programs for businesses and schools.  For more on that, click here.

Soon energy saving light bulbs will be available at a lower cost through this program, at local stores like Walmart and Home Depot.

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