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Indiana One Step Closer To Being A Right-To-Work State

Indiana Senate Passes Right-To-Work Legislation

  Indiana's Senate has passed right-to-work legislation, placing the state on the verge of becoming the Rust Belt's first to enact the contentious labor law. Wednesday's vote positions Indiana to be the first state in a decade to enact a law prohibiting labor contracts that require workers to pay union representation fees. Supporters say the measure helps create a pro-business climate that attracts employers and increases jobs. Opponents say right-to-work legislation leads to lower wages and poorer quality jobs. They accuse Republicans of rushing the bill through to avoid any disruption of Sunday's Super Bowl. Experts say many factors influence states' economies and that it's nearly impossible to isolate the impact of right to work. The bill heads to Republican Go. Mitch Daniels, who has said he'll sign it.

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