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Disturbing video goes viral at Henderson HS

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Police are investigating an incident involving cell phone video taken in the boy's locker room at Henderson County High.

Officials tell 14 News that video shows an unclothed juvenile.

In the age of technology, there's a good chance, that what happens in the locker room won't stay in the locker room. Just ask any student at Henderson County High School.

"My pastor was talking about it, that's how bad it was," said one student.

The cell phone video was taken outside of school hours and involves members of the boys basketball team. It was shot Thursday in the school's locker room, as some of the players were taking a shower.

Students say the video shows some of the players horsing around, and slapping each other with towels. Police say the video is disturbing and criminal because one of the students is naked.

"That's bullying and abuse and it's wrong," said student Arianna Ziebell.

Police say under Kentucky law, the video is then considered obscene matter and video voyeurism.

Moments after the video was shot, students say it started making its rounds from cell phone to cell phone.

"I wasn't even at school and I got the video sent to my phone the same day. It was kind of ridiculous and it actually made me mad because a basketball team is supposed to support the school and how are you supporting the school and your team if you're doing that to somebody," said another student.

Since this incident happened after practice and outside of school hours, school officials say the players did not violate school policy by using their cell phones.

"It happened during non-instructional times, as defined in the school policy here, so they can be used then," said Danielle Crafton with Henderson Co. Schools.

Due to the nature of the incident, school officials say appropriate discipline action has been taken. Students say at least five players have been suspended or punished, but some believe more should be done.

"They should have been expelled for what they did," said Ziebell.

No criminal charges have been filed, but if any of those players are over the age of 18, there is a possibility they could be charged.

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