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'Hidden Wounds' helps warriors fight PTSD

The Veterans Affairs Department says 18 veterans commit suicide every day.

According to the VA, access to care can play a huge role in preventing those deaths.

It was a nine-month tour in Fallujah that damaged John Devore -- an experience that followed him home and lasted well beyond his discharge.

"I do struggle with sleeping a lot, I do have a lot of nightmares but I don't ever remember them which I guess could be a good thing," said Devore.

A pamphlet from Hidden Wounds changed that. Co-founder Chris Younts says his organization has helped 126 veterans find counseling.

"There is a stigma among the military community that basically says if you need mental help, you're weak," said Younts.

Younts says they can sometimes find help within 24 hours working outside of military bureaucracy. Younts says the system just can't handle the tens of thousands of troops who bring the war home.

"The numbers are only going to get worse because we'll have more veterans back here at home," said Younts. "That's where we're getting beat, we're not getting beat on the battlefield."

Devore is making progress. He's been working with Hidden Wounds for a little more than a year. He hopes more veterans that need the help come forward to accept it.

"Somebody has to be a very strong person to deal with it all and to stay sane, and even stronger to realize you need help and Hidden Wounds will provide that help when nobody else will," said Devore.

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