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Madisonville Police identify remains, charges coming soon

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Madisonville Police have confirmed the human remains found there Friday night are that of Jeremy Goodwin. The 35-year-old had been missing for several months.

Officials say Goodwin was killed and charges are expected soon in the case.

The Goodwin family has been waiting for seven months to find out what happened to Jeremy and they're calling Monday night's news a blessing.

It's the day Jeremy Goodwin's mother knew would eventually come.

"Your whole life changes day by day. When you wake up, you wonder if this is the day? You want it to be, but you don't. We're blessed because we know."

The family says they don't know what happened to Goodwin or why.

Police say Goodwin was killed and possibly by more than one person.

Arthur Deramo is already in jail, charged with unlawful imprisonment in connection with the case. Police are not saying if he's their suspect in Goodwin's murder.

"In the very near future, there will be more serious charges evolving from at least one individual, if not more," said Chief Wade Williams with the Madisonville Police.

The family says they worry for their community, that's seen it's share of missing person cases, that a killer or killers could be on the loose.

"I'm terrified for my children. I'm terrified for myself," said Goodwin's sister Amber.

The family hopes that by speaking out, the community will come together and search for those still missing.

The family plans a memorial service at the site, along Highway 2171, at 2:00 p.m. Saturday afternoon.

Authorities, meanwhile, say there are possibly more remains to be found. They say evidence was discovered that could lead to human remains in a different case

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