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Police say thieves are targeting food

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Police are looking for two people who tried to steal hundreds of dollars of meat from a grocery store. It's a problem officers are being called to more and more.

Just over the weekend, three different stores reported people trying to steal.

On Sunday, Evansville Police were called to two stores after shoppers tried to leave without paying. The first call was to a Schunks on the Lloyd Expressway.

Workers there say a couple placed a large order at the meat counter, then tried to smuggle the meat out of the store in a stroller.

Across town, at Save-A-Lot, a woman was found with a $2.69 package of cheese in her pocket. Police say the woman told them she couldn't afford the cheese.

Mary Blair at the Tri-State Food Bank says it's an trend that only going up.

"We are distributing food to nearly 100,000 people every month. Several months ago, it was in the 93, 95 range."

Blair knows that some people may be ashamed of asking for help, but it's better than the alternative.

"We have over 51 food pantries that we provide food to, and 19 soup kitchens just right here in Evansville."

It's lots of help for those willing to seek it out.

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