What Diet Fits You?

New Media Producer: Brad Maglinger

"Every diet works for somebody," says Dr. Lisa Sanders. "The question is which diet is going to work for you?"

As a physician and researcher, Dr. Sanders has analyzed more than 700 weight loss plans. She uses that scientific know-how to help patients, like 25-year-old Melany Smith, create customized diets.

"It wasn't like, 'Oh you can't eat any carbs now and you need to strictly only eat meat.' And it wasn't anything that was too radical for me to do because I know for me personally that would be too much for me," Smith says.

A new book presents Dr. Sanders' blueprint for designing your own personalized plan. You start by keeping a seven-day eating and exercise diary.

"Exactly what your diet looks like, you don't know until you measure," says Dr. Sanders.

An in-depth questionnaire point you to the most effective basic diet for you, low-fat, low-calorie or low-carb. Then, more questions tailor the program specifically to what you eat, how you live and how your body works.

"I tell my patients you have to hold on to the things you love and then cut back on the things you don't care about so much," Dr. Sanders says.

Melany found out calorie counting works best for her. She lost 35 pounds in three months. "I feel like this is something that, it's clicked with me. It's common sense to me now," she says.

Melany says it's a routine she can stick with for life, because it's a perfect fit.

Dr. Sanders is on the faculty of Yale Medical School. Her book, The Perfect Fit Diet, is available online and at bookstores nationwide.