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Doctors warning Tri-Staters to look out for stomach virus

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Tri-State doctors are putting out a warning about a prevalent stomach virus.

The common stomach virus may not be scary to some, but a doctor 14 News spoke to Tuesday says he is seeing this type of illness in several patients.

Doctor Don Brake of St. Mary's Hospital says he hasn't seen many patients with the virus, but he has received several calls from people with symptoms of nausea and diarrhea.

If you have said symptoms, Brake says it is likely that you have the virus, and that it should run its course within 24-48 hours.

He also advises those with the sickness to stay hydrated and says that infants and the elderly are more susceptible to it.

"Dehydration is very serious for young children and even for elderly patients that have lots of other health problems.  They could have a lot of problems with electrolyte imbalance, if you're elderly and have significant heart conditions and things like that," Brake says.

Brake also said that if you experience these virus-like symptoms for longer than the 48 hour recovery period, you are encouraged to contact your physician.

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