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USDA mandating nutrition facts be added to certain meats

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Pretty soon you'll be able to see just how many calories and fat grams are in that cut of meat you're buying.

The USDA is mandating nutrition facts be added to dozens of meat and poultry items.

Those nutrition facts were supposed to be in place by the beginning of the new year, but the Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service just pushed that deadline back, giving retailers until March first to add the labels.

This rule doesn't apply to everything, just about 40 different meat and poultry products, including ground or chopped meat or poultry or raw cuts.

Dewig Meats in Haubstadt has already added nutrition facts to its labels for some single-ingredient meats.

The USDA says the idea is to give consumers nutrition facts so they can make informed decisions about what they eat.

At Dewig's, they tell 14 News it's important for consumers to keep in mind that these nutrition facts aren't specific to every single cut of meat, they're more of a general guideline.

"It's an average, it's not an exact science because every hog or every beef is not produced equally. They're just like humans, everyone's different, there's a little difference between me and you and each beef you run through. So, there's no way to be an exact science on it," says Co-Owner of Dewig Meats Dean Dewig. "It'd be the single ingredient items, like a rib eye steak would be the ingredients of that or a t-bone or a pork chop. It would, it doesn't include sausage items with other added ingredients, salt, pepper, nutmeg. whatever they happen to have in them."

Among the nutrition facts that are required to be included are the number of calories, grams of total fat and saturated fat.

Again, this is set to go into effect march first.

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