Winnecke announces members of Roberts Stadium committee

We may soon know the future of Robert's Stadium.

Thursday, Mayor-Elect Lloyd Winnecke announced a 15 member Robert's Stadium Task Force that will have three months to come up with a recommendation for the future of Robert's Stadium.

Robert's Stadium has been sitting empty since the fall.  In that time, the building has faced vandalism, break-in attempts and water issues.

Winnecke says he hopes to come to a decision quickly because there is only enough money budgeted for the first quarter of 2012 to maintain the empty building.

"I've asked this committee to look at all the options that people have floated during the course of the last several months. They will also examine other uses that maybe haven't become public yet," Winnecke says.

The 15 member committee is made up of people with backgrounds in marketing, construction, sales and even theology.

Larry Steenberg will serve as the task force chair.

"I think the task looks to be formidable, the schedule that the mayor has laid out is going to be challenging, and I think our committee is just going to work really hard to give him the best information that we can," says Steenberg.

Winnecke says he is opposed to operating a venue that would compete with the Ford Center.

He's also doesn't like the idea of selling the stadium for commercial use, so it's up to the task force to come up with a profitable plan.

"I've been to a lot of Shrine Circus' there myself and have a lot of fond memories, but at the end of the day, the city really has to make a financial decision and not an emotional decision. That's the charge that I'm going to leave with this committee as they begin their work in the new year," said Winnecke.

The city has set aside $200,000 to go toward fixing up the building or tearing it down.

Public forums will be held in January to see what ideas the public may have for the future of Roberts Stadium.

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