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EPD: Counterfeit money being passed at gas stations

The real bill is above the logo, the fake bill is below the logo. The real bill is above the logo, the fake bill is below the logo.

Evansville Police say after a slow fall in the crime, they're seeing some incidences of counterfeit money being passed.

Over the last two days, some local gas stations have been targeted, but unlike the past, both suspects were caught in the act.

14 News spoke with the manager at Circle K on Columbia, and says he was immediately able to identify the fake $50 bill someone tried to pass him.

Yasin Baloch says he's not going to be a victim. He's been studying up on the differences between fake and real money for months. Now, after the Circle K was targeted for passing counterfeit money, he made sure his staff knew the difference too.

"I just trained my employees. I pulled out a fake twenty dollar bill between five or six bills and I tell them "okay, you guys - I want you to take the fake dollar bills out of this stack."

Baloch says last week a man tried to pass him a counterfeit bill.

"He bought a pack of cigarettes and I told him - I'm not going to give you this bill back, and he said "no, I have to have my bill back" and I said 'No I cannot - if you want to have it you can wait for the cops to get here."

They were able to catch the suspect on surveillance video, and now Evansville Police are investigating. Financial crime detectives are looking into a similar incident at a Casey's General Store.

Detective Bob Wies says, "Counterfeiters will wash a one dollar bill and then print a twenty dollar bill or a fifty dollar bill on top of that - and what happens then is that the pen only indicates that it's a cloth."

Wies says if an employee suspects they're being handed a fake bill, to simply hang on to it instead of detaining the suspect, and to call police.  

Wies says from time to time they have seen older bills, like the ones with the smaller portraits being turned in as counterfeits.

He says once the mistake is sorted out, the bills are eventually returned to their owner.

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