Get Fit: Daily exercise goes a long way

For the past thirteen weeks, 14 News has provided you a weekly Get Fit pledge, from eliminating soft drinks to pledging to get a better night's sleep.

If you take only one Get Fit pledge to heart, you probably should work on a daily exercise.

It's that exercise, that daily activity, that just might help you sleep. It may be as simple as parking your car at the far end of the lot at work, or shopping. That's how little it takes to get fit.

Walking gets the heart pumping and legs moving. Thirty minutes of this walking indoors or out is good for you. Forty minutes is even better, and just might ensure a good night's sleep too.

Eating right will also help get you into better shape.

"Fruits and vegetables have lots of vitamins and minerals that our bodies need," says Brielle McKinney with Deaconess.

Healthy foods have antioxidants that help the body ward off illnesses.

When eating fast food, look at those fast food menus for the healthier choices. Be mindful of your food. Also don't let stress play a roll in what you eat.

"You think when you're stressed or overwhelmed, 'I want to grab that chocolate chip cookie or I want to grab the pizza or french fries," says Wellness Coach Brandy Sitzman.

Something else to remember....whole grains.

Whole grains usually have lots of fiber in them, and fiber is what keeps our GI tracts healthy.

Also, lowering the fat in your diet can lower your weight. Switch to low fat, or fat free dairy products, use lean protein foods, and use refined fats and oils sparingly.

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