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Drug investigation underway at an Oakland City H.S.

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A drug investigation is underway at a Gibson County high school.

Rumors have been flying about an incident Wednesday at the East Gibson School Corporation's main campus in Oakland City.

Thursday, police and school officials are shedding a little more light into what they say actually happened.

Police here have confirmed that remnants of a one pot meth lab were found inside the school building at the main campus.

Police are working to arrest the person they believe is responsible.

After more than 24 hours of speculation around the Oakland city community, Police Chief Alec Hensley put the rumor mill to rest late this afternoon, explaining what was found inside the East Gibson School Corporation's main campus Wednesday morning.

"When we arrived at the school, we assessed the item, determined it was what we consider a one pot method of manufacturing methamphetamine," Hensley said.

Hensley says a school employee found the remnants of the meth lab in an area of the school building locked off and inaccessible to students.

While he doesn't believe meth was being made during school hours, Hensley says as a parent with children of his own in that building, he's taking the discovery personally.

"It shows that the drive that the individual has in making meth, that they will go to no ends to accomplish their goal and that is destroying lives."

Many people weighing in on our 14news.com and our facebook page were upset that parents weren't notified by the schools about what was going on.

Hensley says that was because of the ongoing police investigation and the fact, he says, that children were not in immediate danger.

"Because of the fact this was taken to a safe area and students were not in harms way, because of our actions, there was no reason for anyone to be notified."

But one concerned parent 14 News spoke with, who didn't want to be identified, disagrees.

"It is a very dangerous drug, whether you're taking it, whether you're making it or whether you're selling it and I don't believe that my child should have been subjected to that kind of environment and that I should have had the choice to remove her from it."

As for who was behind this meth lab, authorities say it was not a student.

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