Taking A Stand: The New Police Chief

We were pleased to hear about Mayor-elect Lloyd Winnecke's choice of a new police chief.

Sgt. Billy Bolin is a 13-year veteran of the force and like the rest of us, he's fed up with the city's meth problem, which Bolin himself calls one of the worst in the country.

During the mayoral campaign, candidate Winnecke promised voters his first directive to a new chief would be to come up with a plan to battle meth. That's exactly what happened.

Sgt. Bolin says job one is to train street officers to handle meth lab cleanups, so the narcotics unit can better do its job and go after the meth makers.

The new assistant chief, Chris Pugh, who's an experienced narcotics detective, seems just as determined to stop this epidemic.

Also, we hear the new administration will lobby to make pseudoephedrine, a key ingredient in making meth, a prescription drug.

Thank you Mister Winnecke, it's always reassuring when a politician keeps a promise.

We urge the entire community to come together in the war on meth.

That's our stand, what's yours?

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